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I don't about that but I did eat alligator one time in Florida and yes, alligator does taste like chicken!

India is an enigma to me. On the one hand it is very Capitalist, but also has a sprinkling of Communism throughout, I mean, state run canteens? In a way, it is closer to what America was meant to be, a Federalist country. The states are much more varied than ours here. People are free to experiment with their own philosophy, and screw up and others can learn from it. But I guess no matter how bad things get, it doesn't really convince anti-capitalists that they are the cause of the magnitude of the poverty.

Hm. Must be something about "emerging" economies and food:


Change topic. For hard science buffs, like Steve, this site has a lot of news. But, what was most interesting to me was a recent poll. Scroll down and check out one of the high rated "wish for" goals.


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